Passport 9500ix

Professional mobile GPS radar and laser detector
One of the best windshield detector in the EU with GPS database and INTL (Euro) mode

The high-tech radar receiver and the laser sensors on the front and the back of the detector provide professional 360 degrees sensitivity in radar and laser detection. It is provided for European use with INTL (Euro) mode by the Beltronics-ESCORT manufactory. It can alert you when you are near to the newest lidars or radars, and you can set a lot of settings to make your detector more effective.

The product alerts you when policemen check your speed,  but it cannot jam the speed-checking. If you want to jam it then you need a laser jammer.

On the extra bright display it displays the strength of the signal with the band's name. The Expert Meter allows you to monitor 8 bands at the same time. In Spec Display mode you can see the name and the frequency of the radar signal.

Bar Graph
Expert MeterSpec Display

The benefit of the product is having GPS receiver for the locking false alerts. 

It has individual TrueLock function (locks out false alerts set by the user), AutoLearn (false alerts will be locked out automatically third time), MarkLocation (giving new data by the user) and the database inside.

It can alert from extreme distances in X, K, Ka and Ku radar bands too.

Owing to the 4-level brightness control you can choose between Dim, Medium, or Max brightness levels, or fully Dark for discreet night driving. You can set the volume level too, or you can use your earphone. 

It is possible to choose three different sensitivity levels to minimize false alerts. In Automatic mode the 9500ix will choose the best sensitivity level for your speed. In Highway mode your detector is in the most sensitive mode. In AutoNoX mode (called City mode before) X band is not used. However, if you need you can turn on and set the sensitivity of X band in the AutoNoX mode.

You can install the ESCORT 9500ix with the Smart Cord. It has a mute button and an alert LED. If you need, you can have a direct fitting cable called Direct Wire Cord. You can fit it with Direct Wire SmartCord, which have a mute button and alert LED too. If you do not use the cigarette lighter socket for the ESCORT detector, you can connect there other useful accessories such as a telephone recharger, etc. If you have a bigger car, with the help of the Smartcord you can handle your detector much more comfortably without stetching your arms far from the steering wheel.

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Revolutionary Features
  • Completely invisible to all radar detector detectors (RDD): VG-2, VG-4 and Spectre I, II and III
  • Blistering All-Band Protection
  • 360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection
  • New Variable-Speed Radar Performance
  • New AutoLearn Feature
  • New Safety Camera Database - (pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed position speed cameras)
  • New Web Ready for Location Database updates
  • New GPS-Powered Truelock™ Filter
  • New Mark Location Features
  • New Speed Alert™
  • New Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts
  • New Intelligent Volume Control
  • User-Selectable Preferences
  • Brilliant Blue Display
  • 5 Levels of Brightness Control
  • Mute, AutoMute & SmartMute
  • Built-In Earphone Jack
  • Safety Warning System
  • PASSPORT 9500ix comes complete with comprehensive owner’s manual, quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord, quick reference card, and an ESCORT travel case.
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Important:
    Location Database Updates and Detector Software Updates for the Passport SC55, Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500i, and Passport 9500ci require a Windows based computer with active Internet connection. (Operating on Windows XP Vista, or Windows 7 only.)
  • The Passport SC55, Passport 9500i and Passport 9500ix require an USB A to Mini USB cable (USB printer cable required for Passport 9500ci) not included with detector - before you can install location database updates and detector software updates.
Operating Bands
  • Euro X Band: 10.475-10.575 GHz
  • K Band (Superwide): 23.950-24.250 GHz
      - K1 band: 23.950-24.109 GHz
      - K2 band: 24.110-24.174 GHz
      - K3 band: 24.175-24.250 GHz
  • K Pulsed Band: 24.050-24.250 GHz
  • Ka Band (Superwide): 33.400-36.000 GHz
      - Ka1 band: 33.900-34.200 GHz
      - Ka2 band: 34.200-34.400 GHz
      - Ka3 band: 34.600-34.800 GHz
      - Ka4 band: 35.400-35.600 GHz 
  • Ka-POP: 33.725-33.875 GHz (60 ms)
  • Radar Detector Rejection: 11.133-12.000GHz
  • Laser
  • SWS (Safety Warning System)

Programmable Features
  • Power-On Indication
  • SpeedAlert (On/Off)
  • AutoLearn (On/Off)
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • AutoMute (On/Off)
  • AutoVolume (On/Off)
  • AutoPower (On/Off)
  • Units (English/Metric)
  • Voice (On/Off)
  • Dark Mode
  • Radar/Laser Bands
  • Markers
  • 5 Levels of Brightness Control

Auto Calibration Circuitry

Mute, AutoMute and SmartMute

Radar Receiver / Detector Type
  • Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO
  • Scanning Frequency Discriminator
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Laser Detection
  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver
  • Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes

GPS Receiver
  • SiRFstar III

Display Type
  • 280 LED Matrix/Text
  • SpeedAlert
  • Bar Graph
  • ExpertMeter
  • SpecDisplay

Power Requirement
  • 12VDC, Negative Ground
  • Escort SmartCord Included

Sensitivity Control
  • Highway, Auto and City

Compact Size
  • 1.4" H x 2.90" W x 5.35" L
Popular Mechanics
"...the learning feature of the Escort 9500ix a truly elegant idea." - August 2008

"The 9500ix...learns to distinguish real from false alarms." - September 2008
It’s all about making good time; whether you’re heading to Grandma’s for a Thanksgiving feast, to your in-laws for Christmas dinner or to your kid's first dance recital, the goal is to be there on time. Given the circumstances of life, however, punctuality isn’t always an option. This is why the folks over at Escort have devised the PASSPORT 9500ix radar detector. Why should a pesky little thing like posted speed limits keep you late and make you a perpetual failure in the eyes of those you care about? Well, as long as you speed in moderation and don’t exceed the limits to the point of becoming the reason behind rubber-necking traffic, this little device will see you arriving on time.

A measure of this gadget's exclusivity, relative to such factors as cost and availability score: 91

OK, so Escort’s PASSPORT 9500ix isn’t the first radar detector to offer laser detection, safety camera detection or speed trap detection, but it is one of the rare few to also include GPS, variable-speed radar performance and auto learn. What’s more, the PASSPORT 9500ix also offers five operating bands including X-band, K-band, Ka-band, Ku-band, and Laser 904nm. Even with the ubiquitous prevalence of GPS navigation in everyone’s car, you’re still worried about having a radar detector stuck on your windshield, so you can take comfort in knowing that the PASSPORT 9500ix is simple to remove and throw under your seat. The impressive features, however, are the auto-learn and variable-speed radar performance. The auto-learn on the PASSPORT 9500ix does just what it says; using GPS technology it learns where the false alarms are (which are usually the result of the X-band) after passing by them three times. And with the variable-speed radar performance, the PASSPORT 9500ix automatically adjusts its sensitivity, which means that while traveling at interstate speeds the 9500ix is at max sensitivity, and while you’re scurrying through a packed parking lot the sensitivity is set to a minimum.

My 8500 was my favorite above all previous radar detectors until i decided to buy the 9500I and then upgrade it to an ix.

I realized after having the 9500ix for a while that it is a totally different breed of radar detector and certainly is in the top 3 if not #1. I have done some pretty extensive testing on the 9500 sires and find it to be very impressive.
The features are truly awesome, and they are what makes the 9500I/ix a top notch choice. From GPS & speed sensitive filtering, Marking of speed traps, to the USB that you can update through.
The 9500I at times is so quiet it's as if the 9500I/ix knows the difference between a real threat and a false alert. Its amazing quietness when driving through towns or through cities and suburbs, insure virtually every alert is real. The key point of the 9500 is knowing that ~9 times out of ~10 a 9500i/ix alert is real means that you will pay attention and react to the alert appropriately and immediately. I had a few instances where i didnAt get a single false for a week and when a real alert happened i almost fell off my seat. Don't get me wrong i still had some falses but the majority of them are dramatically decreased.

My 9500ix is mounted straight, level and as centered as possible, and has a partly obstructed view of the sky but picks up the GPS signal easily still.

Laser sensitivity:
I have had a few laser saves, even though the rule is: if your alerted to laser they already have your speed. Most laser alerts scared the pant off me, wasn't expecting it at all.
I was driving on highway 84 to drop off a friend. I saw a LEO with a customer with no radar on so I assumed he was possibly using laser, so I couldn't wait to see what happened on my way back.
I figured 30 over in a 55 would certainly not give me enough time to slow so I did about 74.
Just cresting over a hill and on my way down I get ôlaser alertö from my 9500I and slowed to about 63. about 2 seconds later another laser alert from my 9500I and there he was, tucked into some trees on the right side of the road, and my girlfriend saw him first.
The first alert was about 1/2mi and the 2nd was about 1/4mi. He may have been waiting for bigger fish to fry, or didn't get my speed the first time but I certainly could have been going faster if I didn't have my RD.

Save or luck, I was very happy not getting a ticket and my girlfriends comment "another save that pays for itself again" was priceless.

K & KA Sensitivity:
The sensitivity to enable saves on the 9500ix is truly amazing. I am always alerted before I see the police car and some times miles before.
A few times I had a KA alert going full on then nothing, full on than nothing about 2mi later around a bend on the highway there was an off axis police car blasting everyone who passed.
I have had a few alerts less than 1/4mi, but as long as I am alerted before the encounter and before i see the LEO i am happy. Terrain and curves in the road will greatly affect your detection range. Weather as well as your area in the US can effect it too.

The bottom line is I really enjoy the quite commute, and I am more likely to react to an alert on a quiet detector than when I had a "noisy" detector. I work with clients all the time and don't need the constant beeping while i am trying to close a big deal. I can always hit the GPS off button if i am in a big rush AND want full sensitivity so im alerted to all encounters.

Over all I am very satisfied with my 9500ix and would recommend it to any intelligent RD user, Especially for City & dally commutes.

Franco Caro (Twitter: FCaro82)
I've owned several radars, primarily they were all high end retail level Cobras, I then gave my old Cobra to my tattoo artist as he was driving to TX and didn't have one. In exchange I picked up a 8500 X50 (Red), held on to it for a couple years and it did AMAZING...My girlfriend has been wanting a have I...especially the 9500i (at the time) but I didn't have the money at the time to drop to get one. Luckily the money came upon me, I gave the X50 to my girlfriend, and I of course picked up this monster of a radar the 9500Xi...and wow!!!

I honestly almost forget I have a radar detector anymore, I almost get kinda lonely at times. I am just blown away by the technology that is wrapped into this thing, its ridiculous!! Its very convenient too, if you have a pocket pc or an iPhone like I do, your mail is in your hands 24/7, it sends you an email and says hey, its time to update you radar again!! You bring it up with you on your way in from work and boom, 5-10 minutes later, your marked radar spots and Escorts spots merge, and you have THE best defense on the street.

The radar and warranty were well worth the $600+ spent on it w/o a doubt...

I used to doubt Escort till I had my own, ask me now, I'll swear by them...Thanks Escort, you guys are awesome!!

Jorge L
I've had the 9500ix for a month, and I am very, very satisfied with its performance...and looks. Today I was merging on the freeway on-ramp in my Honda S2000 (cop magnet) when I got a very strong KA alert! Looked back and there was a motorcycle LEO about 4 cars back. He followed me for about 3 miles and kept his radar focused on my car. The Escort was going wild so I hit the mute, got in the middle lane and smiled as he drove by.
This is the second save this month, and this Escort has almost paid for itself.

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the Escort 9500ix. Great detector that eliminates false alerts. It has all the bells and whistles I could possibly want and is clearly the best detector available. Thank you, Escort!

R. Katchaluba
I have used many different detectors over the years and consider myself an expert in the field. If you're a long time radar detector user, the Escort 9500ix will completely blow your mind!

First, a little bit of background. For years, the Valentine One (V1 for short) was widely considered the best portable radar detector on the market, therefore it became the "gold standard" to which most other detectors would be compared to. It was a great detector with long range detection and directional arrows which would help the driver figure out where the different radar signals where coming from. It was also able to detect multiple signals at once, a nice feature that cheaper detectors (usually below $200) did not have. The biggest problem with it was the fact that it had so many false alarms (many of which, according to Valentine One's website, are to blame on cheaper radar detectors on the road) that most users would either start ignoring them or they would have to change the detector's settings to reduce its sensitivity (which in my view defies the purpose of buying a super-sensitive detector). I believe that because Valentine One had the main advantage at the time -the directional arrows- they became complacent and didn't work hard enough to find the next big technological improvement that would revolutionize radar detectors. Enter the Escort 9500ix. This detector uses GPS technology to automatically store false alarms so they never bother you again. It also has a pre-loaded database of all inductive loop systems (which are used by many speed cameras). It's basically a system which consists of two wires buried beneath the road surface and a computer that calculates the speed between the two wires, with a camera waiting at the end. V1 and all the other detectors on the market don't stand a chance against those threats. (Thankfully, those types of threats are not widespread at this point as far as I know but with the 9500 even if they were it wouldn't be a problem.)
GPS has made the Valentine One's directional arrows obsolete because now that false alarms have been eliminated on the 9500ix, if it goes off you KNOW it's a threat, regardless of where it's coming from.
Granted, the 9500ix is not for everyone. I would say it's more for the expert user. For most advanced users an Escort 8500 x50 or a V1 will be perfect. For more casual users even a Cobra or a Whistler will do the job (they saved me plenty of tickets over the years). But if you want the BEST protection available with mind-blowing features, spend the extra money and get the Escort 9500ix. You won't regret it. Its features include auto-volume control, which means it "listens" to the noise in the car and automatically adjusts the volume of the alerts. Also, because the 9500ix is GPS-enabled it knows exactly how fast you're going at any given point in time. So the faster you drive the further down the road it "sniffs" for radars, progressively increasing/decreasing its sensitivity as needed. How cool is that? This thing is light years ahead of most detectors in my view. Did I mention it automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the amount of light in the car? Of course, all the features mentioned above can also be manually adjusted. I believe that the Escort 9500ix is the new "Gold Standard" that other detectors should be compared to. The V1 just simply doesn't cut it anymore for expert users like myself. I have used many different detectors over the years and all I can say about this one is that driving will never be the same. Try the 9500 for a few days and, believe me, you will never go back to any other detector!